Subject: Unclaimed 28th (Māori) Battalion List

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Oku Rangatira oku hoa kei te mihi


Please see the attached list being those tīpuna from the Māori Battalion who never received their World War 2 medals.

I’m sending you this list because you are all in positions of influence in the sense that you have direct contact with beneficiaries of your respective organisations.

The hope is you’ll panui this list out to your respective beneficiaries in the hope that it will prompt families of these Rangatira to come forward to claim their medals.

I’ve already sent the list to Tainui/Waikato and will be doing the same with Ngai Tahu.

There isn’t much time to get our people to come forward before the Army wants to present the medals.

There are people on this list that every single one of us can whakapapa to.

Lewis there must be names from Wairoa on here and my Grandmother has already identified at least 12 people from Kahungunu.

Whānau, this is a Kaupapa that belongs to all of us and I’d be grateful for any help that you can do to panui this out as much as possible.

We all need to do our bit to ensure our tīpuna are honoured – finally.

Nga mihi,

David Stone

Principal - Te Mata Law Ltd, Barristers and Solicitors

Chancellor - Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa

“Creative compassion, a thirst for justice and a willingness to give of ourselves”.


Click on this link to download the list of tīpuna from the Māori Battalion who never received their

World War 2 Medals

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