Membership of the Mana Ahuriri Trust

Membership of the Mana Ahuriri Trust is open to all those people who whakapapa to the Ahuriri Hapu through descent from the Tipuna of the Hapu.

In order to become a member of the Mana Ahuriri Trust, a Hapu member simply needs to complete a registration form and return it to:


Once a registration form is received, it is referred to the Whakapapa Validation Komiti of the Mana Ahuriri Trust, who will verify the individual’s whakapapa. The Whakapapa Validation Komiti then makes a recommendation to the Mana Ahuriri Trust as to whether or not the individual can whakapapa to at least one of the Ahuriri Hapu through descent from the Tipuna. That individual’s membership is then approved by the Mana Ahuriri Trust.


By registering with Mana Ahuriri Trust you are acknowledging your whakapapa and connection to the Hapu.

You will be eligible to vote in elections if you are 18 years of age or over, and will be kept up to date on the latest Mana Ahuriri Trust developments. Registering will enable you to participate and contribute and be able to inform and influence Mana Ahuriri Trust to effectively plan for the future.

To  register with the Mana Ahuriri Trust, contact the person below to have a registration form sent out to you:


Mana Ahuriri Trust

P.O.Box 12076

Ahuriri 4144

Attention: Chelsea Olsen



where we can provide a registration application form or confirm your details if  you are already registered.


Download: Click here to download the registration application form

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